1 Claudia and the Middle School Mystery

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Claudia and the Middle School Mystery

Written by Ann Martin

Reviewed by Kasey B. (age 11)

The book I read was The-Baby-Sitters-Club, Claudia and the Middle School Mystery by Ann M. Martin. I like to read books with around 140 pages and this one had 135 pages. It was published by Scholastic. Claudia will have a big quiz tomorrow. She studied hard with her teenage sister Janine. Then it was the big day for the math test. She did the best she could. It was the next day and Claudia got an A-. Then Claudia and Shauna got called up to the teacher?s desk. They both got the answer wrong in the same way and the same grade. Now what will happen will Shawna or Claudia get the blame? Was this a coincidence or what? You might want to read to find out.

The reason I read the Baby Sitters Clubs series is to become a better responsible person. That way I can baby sit my little brother and sister. My favorite part was when the triplets, Adam, Jordan, and Bryan were playing baseball. Then one of them broke a window. They were loyal to not say who it was. I feel badly for Claudia. I wonder if it was Shauna or Claudia that cheated on the test. You may wonder, to if you read the book you will find out. Also if you?re interested in fiction contemporary books then I would recommend you to read The Baby Sitters Club.