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Number the Stars

Written by Lois Lowry

Reviewed by Layne D. (age 11)

If you like suspenseful books you would like Number the Stars by Lois Lowry. The story is about two girls that live in Denmark and the German Nazis had taken over. Ellen was Jewish and Hitler was going to arrest and kill all of the Jews and so Annemarie?s family was to hide Ellen. Read to see how Annemarie gets past the German soldiers and helps her Uncle Henrick and the rest of the Jews to Sweden. It was exciting when the German soldiers came and wanted to open the casket that supposedly holds Annemarie?s Great Aunt Birte. Also another of Annemarie?s run-ins with the Germans is when the Nazis stop her on the path to the dock of which the ?Inge? is anchored. I think the author is trying to communicate with his/ her reader because of the way the book had so much suspense and thrills in it.

I think the book was very interesting and exciting. I liked the book because it made it feel that you were right there in Denmark during WWII. My favorite part was when Kirsti got mad at the German soldier because Annemarie and Ellen ran down the street without Kirsti. That was my favorite part because it is the funniest part in the story. The character that I liked was Kirsti. I liked Kirsti because she is very amusing and energetic. Kirsti also reminded me of how my 3 year old cousin, Molly, acts. Kirsti reminds me of Molly because they are both funny and, like Kirsti when she is in a bad mood talking to the soldier; Molly also gets in those kinds of moods. A character that changed throughout the story was Annemarie. She changed from being carefree to brave and daring. The unique thing about this book is its way of getting you hooked on reading it.

I recommend this book to any reader. I recommend it because the minute you start reading it you will get hooked right into it. The type of reader or audience that would like this book would be those who are into exciting or interesting books. I think that the intriguing plot would interest any reader.