1 Cactus Hotel

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Cactus Hotel

Written by Brenda Z. Guiberson

Illustrated by Megan Lloyd

Reviewed by Felisha G. (age 9)

Cactus Hotel

I finished reading 'Cactus Hotel,' written by Brenda Z. Guiberson and illustrated by Megan Lloyd. It?s about animals that come from holes in the ground and trees and into a cactus and start to live there. They started laying their eggs. Not a lot of animals live in the cactus only humming bird, owls, woodpeackers, white-wingdoves. All the birds feel safe living high in a prickly cactus where nothing will harm them because no one will reach them. Now after fifty years there are holes in the cactus. The cactus weighs eight tons. Flowers grow on the cactus too.

There are pictures that have different points of view, like the illustrator is looking above the cactus or to the side. There are also pictures that seem old, like when the cactus got old, the colors seemed old fashioned.

I think the author wrote this book about cactus because she wanted to teach kids about them. And she loves to write about cactus. In the front part of the book where it says 'Meet the Author,' Brenda says, "It?s hard work but fun and surprises pop up all along the way."

I read non fiction books about the desert at the library that don?t have parts that are fiction. This book is different. Maybe some people will find this book more fun because of the fictional parts, like where they?re telling about an apple falling down from a tree and it breaks open, then a rat comes and eats the seeds. But I didn?t like that part because it wasn?t as important to me.

I like this book because it teaches about the cactus but I don?t like the fiction parts. I would recommend this book to people that like fiction books about deserts and nature.