1 The Fighting Ground

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The Fighting Ground

Written by Avi

Illustrated by Avi

Reviewed by Aaron B. (age 13)

The book The Fighting Ground is about a boy who isn?t supposed to fight in a battle. His father doesn?t want him to go fight in battle because his brother is in battle and they haven?t heard from him in a while. They think that his brother might be dead. Instead of listening to his father he goes with all the men and they give him a gun and he goes and fights. They loaded their guns and waited for the Hessians. They saw the Hessians and they all ran but Jonathan didn?t know they ran and he was there alone and then he got captured. Jonathan has to try to escape or the Hessians will kill him. Jonathan escapes while the Hessians were sleeping and he found his way home through the woods and trails. Jonathan?s parents had thought that he died so when Jonathan got home his parents were so happy.

I liked this book because it was exciting. The boy was thirteen years old and he?s fighting in a battle and he gets captured by the Hessians and he needs to escape from them. I also thought it was scary when the boy was captured. The best part was when the boy came home to his family and they did not expect him to.

I recommend this book for other people to read because it is an exciting book. Who ever likes to read about wars and battles should read this book.