1 Goosebumps - Ghost Beach

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Goosebumps - Ghost Beach

Written by R.L. Stine

Reviewed by Josh R. (age 13)

The book is about two kids staying with their older cousins. They find a cave and three kids tell them a ghost lives in there. But who are the ghosts? The person in the cave or the three kids? That?s the mystery. Jerry and Terry want to find out.

This book is good for girls and boys. The thing that interested me was the characters. The book is a very scary book. I thought the middle and end were the best parts of the book. The middle was good was because Terry and Jerry start to find out who the ghosts are. The end was good because Terry and Jerry tried to capture the ghostes.I thought all of the chapters were good. The scariest part was at the end when Jerry and Terry find out that their cousins are also ghosts. Jerry and Terry wanted to know who the ghosts were but I don?t think they wanted to know now.

I recommend this book to boys and girls. This book is a little scary so some girls might not like it. This book has boy characters and girl characters. The main characters are brother and sister so the book is good for boys and girls. It is suspenseful and scary but also fun.