1 Comander Toad and the Space Pirates

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Comander Toad and the Space Pirates

Written by Jane Yolen

Illustrated by Bruce Degen

Reviewed by Carlos R. (age 9)

Commander Toad was a toad that was full of adventure. Commander Toad has been in other books. In this book commander toad takes his friends on a ship ride to a place that no other ship has ever been to before. When they get there commander toad sees his old enemy Commander Salamander and his ugly old pirate friends. The pirates then captured commander toad and his friends and tied them up. And then a mummy came and started to beat up the pirates and then commander toad realized that the mummy was Mr. Gremwig. Commander Toad didn?t know if Mr. Gremwig was a friend or an enemy.

I was really excited about reading this book because I had read some other series. Some of the other series were cool and I thought this series would be cooler. The part when the mummy came out was my favorite part. This was because the mummy was the strongest character in the story and he was the only one that could make the pirates surrender.

I think people should read the book because in the beginning the book starts of peaceful, but in the middle the action comes and you cannot put the book down.