1 Pigsty

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Written by Mark Teague

Illustrated by Mark Teague

Reviewed by Rane D. (age 9)


There is a big mess in Wendell?s room and his mom told him to clean it up. When Wendell went to his room there was a pig on his bed. Wendell didn?t care about the pig. Wendell put all his toys in his closet while the pig ate potato chips and read magazines. His mom came upstairs and said there was still a mess. She said it was Wendell?s choice to have his room messy or clean. The next day there were two pigs in his room. Wendell still didn?t care about the pigs. They played Monopoly and left the pieces all over the floor. They had pillow fights, airplane wars and used the bed as a trampoline. Then two more pigs came in and the mess got bigger. They all slept on Wendell?s bed and he didn?t have any blankets. Then the mess got even bigger. His baseball cards were chewed up and his basketball had been sat on. He ran down the stairs and told his mom. His mom told him to clean his room and handed him a broom. He told the pigs they were going to clean up the whole room. They cleaned up the room. Wendell looked at the room and said, ?this is pretty clean.? One of the pigs called a farmer to come pick the pigs up. They hugged Wendell good-bye. Then, Wendell kept his room clean, except when the pigs came by to play Monopoly.

I liked this book because there were pigs all over Wendell?s messy room. My favorite part of this book was when the pig had on all the baseball gear, the mitt, the hat and the ball. This was my favorite part because it was funny. I thought the illustrations in this book were really good. My favorite picture in the book was when Wendell and the pigs were having pillow fights and airplane wars.

I would recommend this book to others. I think people who like baseball, have messy rooms or live on pig farms like I do will like this book.