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Egypt Game

Written by Zilpha Keatley Snyder

Illustrated by Alton Raible

Reviewed by Jerry B. (age 11)

Egypt Game

The story is about 6 kids who are very curious. There names are Ken, Melanie, Marshall, Toby, April & Elizabeth . They are very curious about the stuff that is going around the town. They are also curious about Egypt. This book has a mystery and a lot of info about Egypt.

My favorite part was when April Got caught by the murder and then Marshall yelled for help. The professor calls 911. April was a little brat then she changed into a kid that is nice. This book is different because the book has a lot of information about Egypt. Some of other books don't have a lot of information about Egypt.

I recommend this the book because it gives information about Egypt. I recommend this book to people who like Egypt. What is interesting about this is that it mixes social studies with english, so you get to learn a little of both.