1 Aaliyah More Than a Woman

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Aaliyah More Than a Woman

Written by Christopher John Farley

Reviewed by Eric C. (age 12)

This famous young lady's book is about a young and promising singer/actress, Aaliyah Dana Houghton, who was born January 16, 1979. The book I read was a sad book about a person that was always busy. Aaliyah was a young singer. At the age 14, she released her first CD called ''Age aint nothin but a Number.'' Aaliyah, More than a Woman is THE book to read. To find out about her young and tragic life read Aaliyah, More Than A Woman.

This book is a book to teaches you that you should never take life for granted.

I really would recommend this book to people, so they too could know about Aaliyah. The truth is, I really enjoyed the book because it really taught me that this certaint singer loved her music and really did not care if people bought her music.

To me the whole book was my favorite because I love to learn different things about diffrent singers and I truly learned a lot.To tell you the truth it did not remind me of anything in my life but it did keep me wondering about death and when my time comes. I felt sad to know that Aaiyah went through a lot by trying to live up to her name which means in arabic "'the most high and the best'" and died trying to do her best and not fail. I felt sad while reading this book.The kind of people that would like this book are people that love the dramas and the real stuff. The reader gets to know about her life and how sweet your life could be and the next day it could be gone.