1 Lord of the Rings

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Lord of the Rings

Written by J.R.R. Tolkien

Reviewed by Quad H. (age 10)

Lord of the Rings

This series is very adventurous and has a lot of surprises. The series takes place in medieval times and there are a few wars. The mythical creatures are: hobbits, orcs, elves, and dwarfs. I think the books are great because of all the mythical creatures. I recommend this book to people who like adventures.

In Book 1 there is a ring that can make you invisible. Someone is called the enemy and he wants the ring so he can take over the world.

In book 2 there are ringwraiths who work for The Enemy. The ringwraiths are trying to get the ring and they are more desperate then ever. They are desperate enough to fight with extremely dangerous weapons.

Book 3 there?s a big war between the people who live in the castle and about 1000 orcs, 5 hobbits (the castle?s side) and one of the ringwraiths.