1 Samantha Saves The Day

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Samantha Saves The Day

Written by Valerie Tripp

Illustrated by Melody Rosales

Reviewed by Courtney B. (age 8)

Samantha Saves The Day

This story is about a little girl and her family. Samantha went to her grandma's house. She called her grandma Grandmary. Samantha and her two cousins got their own cabin at Grandmary's. They did anything they wanted to do. Samantha and her cousins went on a boat ride to Pony Point. (Pony Point is were Samantha?s mother and father died in a storm.) When they got there they looked around and then had a picnic. While they were eating it started to rain.

They heard a noise coming from the trees. They got nervous. Admiral (Grandmary's friend) came out of the trees. They were really happy someone came. Admiral was hurt. His head was bleeding. They found Admiral's boat and rowed away in the rough water. If you want to find out what happens you well have to read the book. One lesson to be learned from reading this story is if something happened to someone in the story when they went there then do not go there. It might be dangerous. I think the book is sad in some ways and surprising in other ways. I like the book because I understood it and it was fun to read. My favorite part was when the girls were looking in the attic. They were looking at clothes, old pictures and hats too. I liked this part because I liked to see what they were looking at from the pictures. My favorite characters were Samantha and her two cousins. I liked them because I thought they were a very big part of the book. I thought the illustrations in this book were very realistic. They even made me feel like I were at the place in the pictures.

This book is full of adventures. I think you should read this book if you like adventure books.