1 Pigsty

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Written by Mark Teague

Illustrated by Mark Teague

Reviewed by Armando G. (age 7)

This is a story about a boy named Wendell. His room was a pigsty! The pigs came by to live in Wendell's room. They made it an even bigger pigsty. Wendell went downstairs and told his mom he needed a broom to clean his room. He and the pigs got the room clean. Did the pigs go back to the farm?

I liked this book because the pigs play Monopoly. I play that game with my mom! The pictures in the story were really good, too. When I saw his messy room, I wanted to clean it for him!

This would be a good book to read if you have a messy room because maybe they would think their room was not as messy as Wendell's room was! It might also make them want to clean their room!