1 Mickey's Magnet

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Mickey's Magnet

Written by Franklyn M. Branley

Illustrated by Crockett Johnson

Reviewed by Guillermo B. (age 7)

Mickey's Magnet

3)??5L mom asked Mickey to get her pins. Then Mickey ran to give the pins to his mom. The pins all dropped on the floor. He needed to pick up the pins. He tried to pick them up with a spoon. It didn't work. Then his dad gave him a magnet to pick up the pins. Mickey picked up all the pins with the magnet! He tried to see what else he could pick up with the magnet!

I liked this book because he got to pick things up with the magnet. I would like to try to use a magnet, too!

Girls and boys would like this book because it is interesting. If you like to play with magnets, you will pick things up with the magnet like Mickey did!