1 Falling Up

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Falling Up

Written by Shel Silverstein

Illustrated by Shel Silverstein

Reviewed by Mark D. (age 8), Vanny K. (age 10) & Jake F. (age 9)

Falling Up

This is a book of poems and they all rhyme and they are all enjoyable and very weird. For an example, our favorite line from one poem called "Falling Up" is, "I got sick to my stomach and I threw down." The right way to say it is, "throw up", but this line said to "throw down". Our other favorite line is when Shel Silverstein says, "I tripped on my shoelace and I fell up to the rooftops." We liked it because it was hilarious.

We think people will like Shel Silverstein?s poems because they all rhyme and are very silly. We liked the poem "My Robot" because it teaches you not to do what the kid did. We liked the robot because it is supposed to listen to the kid, but the kid listens to the robot and we think that is funny.

The illustrations are excellent and you will have a fun time looking at them. This book is like other poems we?ve read by Shel Silverstein. All of his books are similar because they contain funny stuff and have interesting words. We like this book because it will tickle you with laughter and make you want to read it for hours and hours.

We think the short poems will interest you by the way it makes you smile in a jiff.