1 Holes

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Written by Louis Sachar

Reviewed by Duncan B. (age 9)


This book is about a boy name Stanley Yelnats. Stanley is Yelnats spelled backwards. He is sent to Camp Green Lake because he stole a pair of shoes. Camp Green Lake is a detention center for boys. Clyde Livingston, the best baseball player in Texas, donated his shoes to the homeless shelter. A boy named Hector stole the shoes and threw them over a bridge. Stanley was walking under the bridge and the shoes fell on him. The police caught him. He had a choice to go to jail or Camp Green Lake. He went to Camp Green Lake.

At Camp Green Lake you must dig one five foot deep, five foot across hole a day in the hot Texas sun, for eighteen months. When Stanley got there he was nicknamed Caveman. Caveman met a boy nicknamed Zero. After awhile Zero ran away. He had no water. The next day Caveman went to look for Zero. He found Zero. Together they climbed to the top of a mountain called God's Thumb. As they climbed Caveman found out that Zero's real name was Hector! The same Hector that stole the shoes! They ate onions and drank water that they found. They went back to Camp Green Lake and dug one more hole. They found treasure in the hole.

I like the character Zero because he is very interesting. He is interesting because he likes to dig holes in the hot sun. Zero is honest and a good friend to Stanley.

My favorite part is when Zero and Stanley made it to the top of God's Thumb and found onions and water. I was glad they made it to the top of God's Thumb. If they didn't they probably would have died.

All of the boys at Camp Green Lake built a lot of character by digging holes in the hot sun. That's why boys are sent to Camp Green Lake. They changed when they arrived at Camp Green Lake. Stanley's luck changed when he found the treasure. He always had a curse on him until he broke the curse.

I recommend this book for kids who enjoy funny, adventurous and exciting books. Kids from 9-15 years old would enjoy this book. This book is hard to put down. Holes is also a movie that is very good. Louis Sachar has written other good books too, like: The Boy Who Lost His Face, The Marvin Redpost series, The Wayside School Triology, There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom and Johnny is in the Basement.