1 Lon Popo

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Lon Popo

Written by Ed Young

Illustrated by Ed Young

Reviewed by Evan W. (age 8)

Lon Popo

Lon Po Po is about a wolf who wastes his life for a ginko nut-a nut that tastes good, and can make him live forever.

Any reader would like this story because the lesson is to obey orders. That's exactly what Shang, Tao, and Paotze do when thier mother leaves the house and tells them to latch the door so no one unexpected can get inside.

My favorite part is when the wolf bonks his head falling out of a tree while trying to get a ginko nut. That was a very funny part.

The important thing about the book is that many lessons are learned from it, such as, don't waste big things for little ones. Example, life for a ginko nut? Not a very good trade, huh?

The book reminds me about a time when I was told about a man who wasted his life for a soda. He did not have any money to put in the machine, so he stuck his hand in and the machine fell on him and it killed him.

The illustrations are chilling and attractive. They use breathtaking texture. For example the illustrations are chilling because the illustrator made the wolf's eyes glow! THe texture works in the same way, all making Lon Po Po an enjoyable book.

I felt attached to the book as I read it. I recommend this book for...technically...everyone! I think so because the book is fun, easy to read and educational.