1 We are Singing

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We are Singing

Written by Mary Sundell

Illustrated by Angela Adams

Reviewed by Daune D. (age 5)

This story is about a class in school. The class was singing, rhyming and counting pictures on a poster at the same time. The singing, rhymining and counting in the story were very unique. Such as, one clock and two socks and three cars and four stars.

I like the illustration because it make the book looks good in the sense that the drawing in the book was carefully crafted It tells a great deed of the story. If you are learning how to read, count and rhyme this is the book for you to have.

The lessons that I have learned in this book is singing, rhyming and counting can create unique sounds. I love and will recommend that it be placed in all students between the ages of three to five years of age reading collections. You can go to your school library or local library near you to find this great book. Have fun as you learn how to sing, rhyme and count.

Daune D.
is a student in
Union Chapel