1 Five Little Dinosaurs

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Five Little Dinosaurs

Written by Fay Robinson

Illustrated by Clade Matinot

Reviewed by Onyx C. (age 6)

Five Little Dinosaurs

Do you know any stories about dinosaurs? Well this book is about five little dinosaurs. The dinosaurs were playing together. While playing they were taking a walk. For example, one of the dinosaurs went to have a snack and there were four left. The four little dinosaurs were out playing in the tree .There after, one more dinosaur decided to take a nap. There were three little dinosaurs left. Find what happen to the rest of the three. The big idea learned from the story is that dinosaurs can also have fun.

I like the illustrations, they are good. It is something you will like. Since dinosaurs are big animals it reminds me of big people and how they can also have fun.

This story is very exciting. I guarantee that you will enjoy reading it over and over. Being that dinosaurs are big animals, they remind me of big people. They also like to have fun. So if you are an exciting and fun loving person, it?s very important that you run out fast and grab this book before they run out of print.

Onyx C.
is a student in
Union Chapel