1 Jeff Rides a Spaceship

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Jeff Rides a Spaceship

Written by Della Colten

Illustrated by Cornelius Van Wright

Reviewed by Justin B. (age 12)

Have you ever had a ride in a spaceship? This book is about a little boy by the name of Jeff who went to the moon. When Jeff got to the moon, he picked up a couple of moon rocks for NASA to sample. Moreover, he put the American flag on the moon. The lesson I learned from this book was that you can do whatever you want to if you try.

I liked the illustrations because the pictures are clear. The color scheme was filled with soft color tones. It provides you with the feeling of actually being in space which is cool.

I would recommend this book to any one who dreams about experiencing a great space voyage. This book has made me realize that I can achieve any goals I set for myself .This book will truly be an inspiration to you as well.

Justin B.
is a student in
Union Chapel