1 Jimmy on Ice

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Jimmy on Ice

Written by Adam Beecham

Illustrated by Mark Marderosian

Reviewed by ET (age 5)

Jimmy on Ice

Jimmy Neutron has an idea. He is going to use sunblock to block the sun because he wants snow to fall. Jimmy is smart, funny and weird. Cindy is sort of dumb. Sheen and Carl are Jimmy's friends. I liked Jimmy best because he is a smart genius. I did not like Cindy because she called Jimmy a bad name. In the end, Jimmy saves his town and maybe even the world.

I liked this book because I was able to read it. If I could be in the story, I would want to talk to the characters and play with Jimmy. What I liked best about the story was that they skated on ice.

Kids who like Jimmy Neutron will like this book if they like ice skating. The book also helped me learn how to read.