1 Music Over Manhattan

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Music Over Manhattan

Written by Mark Karlins

Illustrated by Jack E. Davis

Reviewed by Catharine D. (age 7)

Music Over Manhattan

Oh No! This story is about two cousins Herbert and Bernie. Herbert is better at getting attention than Bernie because he gets A's at everything. Bernie's family is having a party. Herbert is showing off. Uncle Louie whispers to Bernie that they should go up to the rooftop. Uncle Louie plays the song "Music over Manhattan" on the trumpet and everyone who hears it loves it and dances. Bernie thought the music was unbelievable. The next time Unlce Louie came he gave Bernie a trumpet. Bernie played it everday, even in the bath tub. Bernie goes to a wedding because Unlce Louie's trumpet player is sick... so he asked Bernie if he wanted to play, but he had no choice so he did.

This is a great book because it is about a boy who is better than another boy. At the end you'll see what happens. My favorite part is when one man is better than another man. The illustrator drew most of the pictures like ballrooms.

I recommend this book if you like changing people stories. You might be interested in this book because it's funny. The writing is great because it's a cartoon sort of in 10 or 4 ways it's not a cartoon though the characters are fine but the writing is fabulous.