1 Esio Trot

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Esio Trot

Written by Roald Dahl

Illustrated by Quentin Blake

Reviewed by Sean S. (age 9)

Esio Trot

Esio Trot is about a man named Mr. Hoppy who lives in an apartment building. Mr. Hoppy loves a woman named Mrs. Silver, but Mr. Hoppy is afraid to say it.

Mrs. Silver is in love with her pet turtle named Alfie. Mrs. Silver wants her turtle Alfie to eat more. Mr. Hoppy gets a plan to get turtles of different weights and switch turtles with Alfie. So he went to get thousands of turtles and a hook to switch them. Then when Mrs. Silver went to work he would switch the turtle with a heavier turtle.

When Mrs. Silver got back from work each day she would invite Mr. Hoppy down and weigh the turtle. Mr. Hoppy would keep switching turtles day after day. When Mrs. Silver liked Alfie because she thought he had grown Mr. Hoppy wasn't afraid to ask Mrs. Silver out on a date! Then they got married.

One character who changed in this book was Mr. Hoppy. In the beginning he was shy and in the end he wasn't.

This book is not like the other books by Roald Dahl. Roald Dahl make all his books different, but they are still interesting.

When I read this book it made me wonder about turtles because they are my favorite reptile. It also made me wonder about what I'll be when I get older.

I recommend this book to first-third graders because it is funny and detailed. I think people who like turtles will like this book just like me. The characters are kind of funny, like when Mr. Hoppy got all those turtles, it makes you want to keep reading!