1 Charlotte's Rose

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Charlotte's Rose

Written by A. E. Cannon

Reviewed by Alexandria H. (age 8)

Charlotte's Rose

Charlotte was from Wales and came to America with her father to find a better life. When Charlotte arrived in America she was given a hand cart that would only hold 17 pounds. People in America did not treat Charlotte and her father fairly.

Charlotte and her father were on their way to Utah. They had family there. Mary Owen, a friend of Charlotte?s, died giving birth to her baby. When the women were sitting by the fire two days after the birth, they were talking about the baby and who would take care of her. Charlotte spoke up and said that she would care for the baby tomorrow and carry the baby to Zion, UT. That would be for the rest of their journey?would she make it?

I like this book because I like the olden days. This story happens a long time ago on the prairie. I think that life on the prairie would be exciting.

This book is written in the form of a journal that Charlotte wrote during her travels to Utah. She usually walked twenty miles a day with a baby on her back and pushing a hand cart. I felt like I was traveling with her as I read her journal of her adventures.

I learned what life was like in 1856 by reading this book. I learned what it would have been like to travel across the United States pushing a hand cart and not driving in a car.

I would recommend this book to children ages 7 and older because there are no pictures and it?s a long chapter book. If you are interested in the prairie days like I am, I would recommend this book to you.