1 The Schernoff Discoveries

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The Schernoff Discoveries

Written by Gary Paulsen

Reviewed by Chris S. (age 11)

The Schernoff Discoveries

BBBRRRZZZAAAPPP POP! A pen explodes all over Harold in the middle of science class. Everyone begins to stare at him as he gets this big smile on his face. He says he got x-ray vision when he stuck the pen in the electrical outlet. The next stunt Harold and the narrator (the book never tells his name) pull is taking home economics to meet girls. It works out nicely for them until the football team finds out about it. They get shoved into their lockers and the team plays catch with Harold and breaks his slide rule. Then they decide to get back at the team. They make a chocolate laxative cake in home ec. and put forty three boxes of choco-lax in it. Later when Harold gets a date with Arlene he reads up on old romance and has a disastrous date when he tries to blow in her ear and accidentally sticks his tongue up her nose. When winter comes around they decide to try skiing. The narrator goes first and makes it down the hill fine. While Harold goes down and puts his butt in the snow to try to stop himself because he was going too fast, he only goes faster, plowing into the snow doing a face plant at roughly 30 MPH! Then they try to go fishing and Harold gets pulled in by a monster of a fish.

This book is hilarious and I think you?ll like it too. Sometimes it gets so funny you laugh out loud. The shenanigans and everything they try goes wrong. It is definitely my favorite book I have ever read. One of the characters reminds me of my friends.

I recommend it if you like comedy.