1 Among the Hidden

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Among the Hidden

Written by Margaret Haddix

Illustrated by Cliff Nielsen

Reviewed by Kylee K. (age 11)

Among the Hidden

Are you a third child? If you are and lived in the time of this book you would have to hide or die. The government made a law that any third children must die because they think that the people will run out of food. In this story a boy named Luke, a third child whose parents chose to hide him, is desperate for a friend. Luke has two older brothers named Matthew and Mark. Luke wouldn?t have to hide if the government didn?t tear down the forest surrounding his home. They tore down the forest to make room for new houses. Luke hates this idea but he sees another third child. Luke risks his life to go and see her. This other third child, Jen, is linked to an internet where only third children can go.

Among the Hidden is a book in a series. This is the first book and the other two are Among the Impostors and Among the Betrayed. I have read all of the series. This is a type of series where you can?t just jump in you have to go from beginning to end. I would recommend this book to people who love adventure stories. The author wrote about the future so it made me wonder if this could happen to us.