1 Sit Still

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Sit Still

Written by Nancy Carlson

Illustrated by Nancy Carlson

Reviewed by Gabriel R. (age 7) & Jeffrey M. (age 7)

Sit Still

This book is about a boy that knows how to sit a hundred different ways in a chair. The boy never sits still. Every place he goes people tell him to sit still. When he goes to church everybody tells him to sit still and when he goes to school the lunch ladies tell him to sit still. His mom was worried about him. She took him to the doctor and the doctor told his mom that there was nothing he could do. His mom tried to make him sit still. If you want to find out how the mother makes him sit still you should read the book.

We like the book because it was funny when everybody was mad at him in church. This book reminds me of our class because we have a couple of students that fall down in their chairs. My favorite part of the story was when Patrick sat under the table because his mom told him to sit still.

We recommend this book to children that like to move around in their chairs. We recommend this book to people that fall off of their chairs all the time.