1 The Black Stallion

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The Black Stallion

Written by Walter Farley

Illustrated by Keith Wards

Reviewed by Ryan S. (age 10)

The Black Stallion

If you like action books and horses, you should read this book. The book is about a stallion and a boy named Alexander Ramsey. Alex was riding a ship home from Germany because he was coming home an uncle's house. The ship stopped and picked up the black stallion. Alex and the black stallion start off on their journey. The ship hit a rock and started to go down. Alex wrapped a rope around his stomach and threw the other end of the rope to the stallion. The stallion jumps off the ship and begins to swim while pulling Alex. Do they make it to shore? You will have to read The Black Stallion and find out.

My favorite part was when Alex and the stallion were swimming in the ocean. That is my favorite part because it was full of action and adventure. In this story, the stallion changed from being rude and mean in to a nice, touching and tame horse. A special part of the story is when the stallion and Nellie, another horse, become friends and learn to share each other.

I recommend this book to kids who like action and adventure. I think the book would be good for fourth grade and above. This is a good book about friendship and sticking together.