1 Holes

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Written by Louis Sachar

Reviewed by Emily B. (age 10)


Holes is a story about a boy named Stanley who gets blamed for a crime he didn't do. Because of this, he had the choice to either go to jail or to Camp Greenlake. He chose Camp Greenlake thinking it would be fun. He finds out that it isn't any fun al all! Camp Greenlake is a camp for boys who commit crimes. Everyone at camp has nicknames. There is X-ray, Armpit, Zero, Barf Bag, Twitch, and Mom. Stanley's nickname is Caveman. Everyday, in the hot sun, they dig holes, five feet wide and five feet deep. Their worst fear is the poisonous, yellow spotted lizards. If the boys find something the warden likes, they get the day off! The moral of this story is that nothing good comes from being greedy. To find out what the warden is looking for, read this story!

I really liked this book because there is a lot of action. I like the part where Stanley tries to save Zero because they work together, and it is amazing what they accomplish. My favorite character is Stanley because he is smart, and he comes up with some clever things.

I recommend this book because it is exciting and it seems realistic. I think that you would like this book if you are in fourth or fifth grade because most of the characters are our age and we can relate to them. I also think that you would like this book if you like suspense and excitement.