1 Dear Whiskers

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Dear Whiskers

Written by Ann Whitehead Nagda

Illustrated by Stephanie Roth

Reviewed by Kira R. (age 9)

Dear Whiskers

Jenny hates pretending to be a mouse, but that's exactly what she has to do for her school project. Every fourth grader is writing to a second grader and pretending to be a mouse character. Most of her classmates think it's fun, but Jenny can't think of much to say. When she fails to get a letter from her second grade penpal, Semeera, Jenny is embarrassed and angry. Jenny discovers the reason that Sameera didn't write back was because she doesn't speak English. At first Jenny is mad that her project is a flop. Well I won't tell you everything but I can tell you this, Jenny and Sameera end up being best friends.

I liked this book because it's funny. I thought the whole book was pretty interesting. There were a lot of characters but my favorite was Jenny. I can relate to how she feels about having a penpal. The best part of the book was when all the second graders started writing to Jenny.

I would recomend this book to anyone who likes to get pulled into a story so great that you can't take your eyes off of the words. The author makes this book really funny and interesting. Kids in second grade through fourth grade would like this book.