1 The Haunting Hour

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The Haunting Hour

Written by R. L. Stine

Reviewed by Tyrel R. (age 10)

The Haunting Hour

Do you want a thrilling night of reading? If you do get The Haunting Hour. It's really really scary! Don't think it will be a walk in the park because it is a book with several stories and each story has different characters, settings, but ALWAYS ALWAYS has a scary ending. One of my favorite chapters is, Are We There Yet? In this story two kids go on a road trip with their parents and the next morning when they wake up their parents are missing. The rest of the story tells how they find them.

The reason I like this book is because it is heart pounding and exhilarating. The stories in this book are well written and the black and white illustrations are spectacular. In each story I felt like I would like to be a character in the story so that I could help them out. It's a wonderful book. In my opinion it should be "Book of the Year". It's the best book I've read yet, well at least I think so.

I recommend this book for kids that like scary books. It's a great book! You should buy it. It's a sequel from the best selling books Goosebumps. Kids is grades fourth through sixth would like this book best. I hope you enjoy it because to me it was a good book.