1 Oliver Twist

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Oliver Twist

Written by Charles Dickens

Reviewed by student in Ms. Stricker's 4th Grade Class

Oliver Twist

I think this book is a great book because it has lots of adventures in it. It is about a boy named Oliver Twist, who is an orphan. Oliver runs away from the homeless shelter to try and find his mom. When Oliver runs away he goes to a village in England. He has many adventures and meets many people, most are bad people but some are good and he makes friends with them. The ending is good because he finally finds his family.

I liked this book because it was adventurous and it was fun predicting what would happen next. My favorite part was when Oliver ran away from the shelter because he discovered things he never knew before. One of my favorite characters was Oliver's best friend because he sort of reminded me of myself.

I recommend this book to people who like drama and adventure. Reading this book makes you both happy and sad. I think both kids and adults would like this book. I hope you enjoy reading this book.