1 The Hobbit

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The Hobbit

Written by J.R.R. Tolkien

Illustrated by Alan Lee

Reviewed by Christopher W. (age 9)

The Hobbit

The Hobbit is about a person. This is a different kind of human called Hobbits which are quite small compared to humans. The hobbit's name was Bilbo Baggins. He went on an adventure with a wizard and a bunch of dwarves. On the way Bilbo finds a magical ring which you will hear a lot about in the series. He faces giant monsters, trolls, and a dragon.

This story reminds me of sword fighting with my cousin. I think this is the best story J.R.R Tolkien has made because it's different from the rest. This is not like any other book I've read. This book does not have any illustrations. My favorite part is when they fight the giant spiders because it was exciting. My favorite person is Bilbo because he was kind of curious. Bilbo changed from wanting to stay at home to wanting to go on an adventure. This is from a series called The Lord of The Rings. This book is unique because it has a lot of fighting. Bilbo reminds me of my cousin because he likes to go everywhere. Does he make it back? read the book to find out.

I recomend this book for boys in 4th-10th grade because it is a fairly difficult book. This book would be good for kids who like magical adventure books. I also recommend this book because it is exciting and it would be good to read before seeing the movie.