1 The Baby-Sitter's Club: Stacey's Choice

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The Baby-Sitter's Club: Stacey's Choice

Written by Ann M. Martin

Reviewed by Rio G. (age 9)

The Baby-Sitter's Club: Stacey's Choice

Stacey gets caught in the middle of her parents because they are divorced. Stacey's mom gets pneumonia the same week Stacey has plans with her father. Since Stacey really wants to see her dad, although she sees him often, she has to make a very big decision.

When Stacey's mom gets better Stacey starts turning into a normal teenaged girl again by hanging out with her friends, shopping, baby-sitting often, and by getting her homework finished and turned in on time.

I really liked this book because it reminded me of my older cousin Gabie who baby-sits with her friends. I also liked this book because one of my favorite authors wrote it. As a matter of fact Ann M. Martin has written a series of The Baby-Sitters Club. I like the other books in the series too.

These books are all alike because they have the same exact characters in almost all of the books. To tell you the truth my favorite part in almost all of her books with a problem is the problem. In this book I liked the problem the most because it reminds me of when I was stuck between my parents when my mom had my little sister and my parents started telling me I had to do alot of things that I had not done often. But what I liked about Stacey is that she took charge and did what was right. When Stacey's mom had pneumonia Stacey took care of her.

I recommend this book for a girl because the only boy in the book is Stacey's dad. I also recommend this book because it often changes your emotion, it is sort of funny , and it will probably bring back memories for most people.