1 Henry and the Clubhouse

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Henry and the Clubhouse

Written by Beverly Cleary

Illustrated by Louis Darling

Reviewed by student in Ms. A's 6th Grade Class

This story is about a boy named Henry Huggins and a little girl named Ramona Geraldine Quinby, who always pesters him during his paper route, and in his clubhouse. Henry and his friend Murph will not allow girls in their clubhouse.

I think this book is cool. I like it because this book can make you laugh. My favorite part of the book was when Henry was almost late to his paper route because he couldn't get out of the clubhouse after Ramona locked him inside.

The character that I found interesting was Henry because he would do anything to make Ramona stop pestering him during his paper route.

I recommend this book becuase it is really funny. People who like to laugh will like this book.