1 Flight of the Dragon

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Flight of the Dragon

Written by Susan Fletcher

Reviewed by student in Ms. A's 6th Grade Class

This book is about a little girl name Kara. She was going to die from scarlet fever, but it was said that she was brought back to life by dragon's milk. So now, she could call down birds. A king heard this story and he was about to go on a dragon hunt. Then he thought to himself that maybe Kara could call down the dragon, just like the birds, so he could kill it.

The big idea of this story is that you can be good friends with other creatures although they may be dangerous. I think this book makes you express yourself and open up your imagination skills.

I adore this book because I like the dragons. I like the part where Kara finds this dragon that saved her life and the king was going to kill it. It was exciting and motivating. There aren't any illustratons, but you could put them in your head as your reading. In other words, USE YOUR IMAGINATION. This story reminded me of something in my life because my friend had scarlet fever and survived.

I recommend this book because it has a lot of action and that is very important. It would be extremely awesome to be able to communicate with birds.