1 Eloise

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Written by Ruth Thomson

Illustrated by Hilary Knight

Reviewed by Daniel D. (age 7) & Jack Z. (age 8)


This story is about a funny girl named Eloise. She is 6 years old and she lives in the Plaza Hotel. Eloise likes to ride in the elevator. She also likes to brush her nanny's hair and she likes to pretend to be a maniac. Eloise knows the manager in the Plaza. She goes to see him every day. Nanny always likes to say some words 3 times. For example, she would say, "tried, tried, tried." At night, Eloise hangs a sign that says, "Don't Disturb!" Find out what other funny things she likes to do in the book, Eloise.

We think Eloise, the main character, is funny because she likes doing tricks. For example, she gives out rubber candy to her mom's lawyer. Eloise hates school so she has a tutor and she copies what her tutor says. We also like that part because it is funny.

Jack's favorite part is when Eloise copies her tutor because it is funny. Daniel's favorite part is when Eloise builds a castle out of soap because he likes to build castles, too. We like the pictures because they show funny things. The book reminds Jack of when he played tricks on his sister, just like Eloise does in the story.

We recommend this book to people who like humor books because this book is really funny. Kids of all ages will love the book, Eloise, because it is very hilarious and the main character is a kid too.

If you like the Black Lagoon series by Mike Thaler, you will love this book because it is silly. Daniel recommends that if you like really crazy books, you will love this book because it is crazy, too! Jack recommends this book to people who love the Plaza Hotel. We hope that you enjoy the funny adventures of Eloise!