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Ramona's World

Written by Beverly Cleary

Illustrated by Alan Tiegreen

Reviewed by Erica H. (age 8)

Ramona's World

Ramona is in the fourth grade. She loves her fourth grade teacher. Later Ramona decides she does not like her anymore because she gives too much spelling. Ramona has a new best friend Daisy. Ramona and Daisy have a lot of great adventures together. Read this book to find out what they are.

I think this book is funny. I love it. I like it because the people say funny words and act funny. My favorite part is when Ramona and Daisy play dress up. I like that part because Ramona makes a big hole in the ceiling. It is really cool. I think the illustrations are pretty, even though they are black and white. They look real. I think the unique thing about the book is that the people act like real people would. This book isn?t like any other book because it has less pictures and more words. I felt like I was inside the book when I read it. This book reminds me that I am very curious.

I recommend this book to whoever has a good sense of humor, because I think they would laugh. A reader that loves to tell jokes and hear jokes would probably like this book. Whoever likes Beverly Cleary books would probably like this book too.