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Rem World

Written by John Philbrick

Reviewed by Jimmy D. (age 10)

Rem World

Imagine you were a fat kid that wanted to be skinny. That?s what happened to Mark. Mark is a fat kid and he was tired of being made fun of. One day he went to the store to get something that would make him skinny. He found a helmet that stated it would make him skinny if he followed the directions carefully. He put the helmet on and found out it had magical powers. To see what happens you?ll have to read the book. You can check this book out at your local library.

My favorite part was when Mark and fell off a high waterfall. I liked that part because it was cool. This isn?t like any other book I have read because this book is so adventurous. When I read this book I felt like I was falling off a high waterfall with Mark. These are just a few reasons why I liked this book.

I recommend this book because it is very adventures and because it has characters you have never seen before. If you like to read books that you can?t guess what is going to happen next, you will like this book.