1 Barney Says Please and Thank You

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Barney Says Please and Thank You

Written by Stephen White

Illustrated by Rick Grayson

Reviewed by MRZ (age 7)

Barney Says Please and Thank You

This book is about having good manners. Barney is telling his friends to say please and thank you. This is important because we want to have good manners so that we can be respectful.

My favorite part was when Barney helped Baby Bop do the dishes after the party and Barney told Baby Bop thank you because she invited him to the party. Barney was using good manners. Barney reminds me of my grandma because she has good manners. I think it is important to have good manners at home and at school because people like polite people.

I've seen a Barney movie at my home and I liked it. I have seen other Barney books, too. I think everyone would like this story. Kids would REALLY like it.