1 Cody Unplugged

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Cody Unplugged

Written by Betsy Duffy

Illustrated by Ellen Thompson

Reviewed by Geoffrey R. (age 10)

Cody Unplugged

Do you watch TV, play video games a lot and never want to go outside? This book is about a kid who does just that. Cody?s mom sent him to camp and he doesn?t want to go. The camp is called Camp Bear. He gets on the bus and two girls are behind him. He gets to camp where he meets a bigger and stronger boy. Cody sees a pond and has to take a swim test. Does he swim in it? You have to read to find out and to know what happens in the rest of the book.

In this book the main character is Cody. I liked Cody because he was really funny and he does a lot of silly and different things in the book. Once he got into this kid named Moose?s sleeping bag and Moose said not to get in his sleeping bag and Cody almost got caught by Moose. Cody changed a lot in the story because he was really lazy at the beginning of the book and at the end he was not so lazy. My favorite part was when Cody lost his swimming trunks during his swim test. Funny things like this were the main reason that I liked Cody.

I would recommend this book because it is a real funny book. If you like really funny books you would probably like this book.