1 Monty See, Monty Do

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Monty See, Monty Do

Written by Ruth Lerner Perle

Reviewed by Zachary P (age 5)

Monty See, Monty Do

The story is about Monty the Mouse. Monty ate a lot of orders that was the same as everyone and he got full. He put a cold ice pack on to tummy. Monty went to the market to look for marshmallows and someone took all the marshmallows. He said, where are the marshmallows? He went to the Nelly, who had the marshmallows, and they went to the store and put them back and they all got some marshmallows.

I like this story because it is funny when all the marshmallows are gone. I also like when Nelly got all the marshmallows.

I would tell people to read it because I think they would like it.

(This review was dictated to an adult.)