1 Abel's Island

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Abel's Island

Written by William Steig

Reviewed by Tabitha G. (age 12)

The title of my book review is Abel?s Island by William Steig. The illustrator is William Steig. There are 117 pages in this book. The book is about Abel who is stuck on an island. Abel tries to get off the island but he can?t. Abel sends a message in a bottle but no one gets it. The author;s writing style and his illustrations show that he wants you to experience what it is like on an island.

I think the book is great. I liked it because it was about the author's feelings. If you were stuck on an island you would know how Abel felt. My favorite part was when Abel carves his family out of stone.

The character I like the most is Abel because he is a frog and I like frogs. Abel was a character that changed because he lived on an island for a long time. The illustrations are cool because the pictures are black and white but they are still cool. This is not like any other book I have read before because it is a famous book. It is a famous book because every one likes Abel?s Island. I felt sad in the beginning of this book but at the end I felt happy. This book is fun to read I hope you would read Abel?s Island too.

I recommend this book to all the kids who love to read. The kids who love to read should read this book because I think it is funny.