1 Verdi

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Written by Janell Cannon

Illustrated by Janell Cannon

Reviewed by Caleigh H. (age 8) & Giulia T.C. (age 7)


This story is about a baby yellow snake who doesn't want to turn green because he likes his yellow skin. His mother told him to "grow up big and green." Verdi goes to find the older snakes to get some information why his mother wants him to turn green. The snakes kept talking about themselves so Verdi couldn't ask any questions. So he decided to find Dozer the old sleeping snake. But he wasn't helpful either. He just told him to go away. Then Verdi bit a branch and then he let go and flew in the air. Verdi landed in the mud. When he came out he looked like a chocolate snake. He wanted to keep the mud on, but then all the mud came off on the way home. So he couldn't be the color brown. Read this book to find out if Verdi turns green or not.

Giulia's favorite part is when Verdi jumps into the air. It's weird to see a snake fly! Caleigh's favorite part is when Verdi falls into the mud and looks like a chocolate snake. It's funny when animals go in the mud. We like this book because lots of funny things happen, like when Umbles burped.

We think children of all ages will like this book because it has beautiful and colorful illustrations. Also, children who like snakes and funny stories would enjoy this book.

Caleigh H. and Giulia T.C.
are students in
Class C104