1 Morris Goes To School

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Morris Goes To School

Written by B. Wiseman

Illustrated by B. Wiseman

Reviewed by B.J. (age 6) & Jonathan O. (age 7)

Morris Goes To School

Morris is a moose that is not very smart so he needs to go to school. He can't read or write. Do you think he will learn? If you are a moose, you don't go to kid school. Moose go to moose school. There are lots of funny parts in the book. One funny part happens when Morris tries to find the bathroom. He couldn't find a bathroom for moose, so the teacher had to make a new sign that said "Boys and Moose." Another funny part happens when Morris is learning the alphabet. When his teacher tells him about the letter C, Morris says, "Oh I like the sea. I love to swim." "No, no. I meant the letter C," said Miss Fine. Morris doesn't know anything. Morris learns more as you read farther into the book.

We think the author did a very good job writing all of the Morris books! If you like funny things and school, you will like Morris Goes to School. We think if you really like funny things, you will really, really like this book! Do you think you will like the book? We think that this book should be for everybody, for all ages, even grown-ups. A moose in the school? Have you ever heard of anything like that?

B.J. and Jonathan O.
are students in
Pam's K-1 Class