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Written by Vivian Vande Velde

Reviewed by Moriah M. (age 11)


This book is made up of lots of little stories. These stories are fun to read from the beginning to the very end.

Some of the stories even have things that are disgusting or just plain freaky that make your spine chill. All of the little stories are or include mystery. An example is my favorite story in the book. It is called Curses Inc. In this story Billy Essler asked Denise Bainbridge to go to the dance with him and she said yes. When he can?t afford the right outfit that he had picked out at the mall, he decides to break it off. When he does he makes up a stupid excuse. Denise? well you will have to read that part. Going on, he sits at his computer and then, out of the blue, he finds a link and he clicks on it because he was curious and very interested. Then, something really cool happened, but you will have to read that to find out what happens after that! Have fun!!!

You can not stop reading this book! In my opinion, this book is so fun to read that you would think it is even better than apple pie. You will love it. I loved this book because it was very spooky to me. In the story Curses Inc my favorite person that reminds me of myself is Denise Bainbridge because when her feelings were hurt she wanted everyone to know so the person that hurt her feelings would be punished for what they did to her. I would do the same thing because I feel that everyone should express their feelings and reveal what is inside my mind.

I would recommend this book if you are a person who likes or loves, spooky, disgusting and/or mystery books!

Every book has a meaning. Have fun reading this book! I bet you will find the same meaning I did!