1 Three Days

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Three Days

Written by Donna Napoli

Reviewed by Caitlin G. (age 11)

Three Days by Donna Jo Napoli is a very interesting and suspenseful story. The story takes place in Italy. Jackie and her father went there for her father's business trip. Jackie's mother insisted that Jackie should go because then she could see the world. One day Jackie and her Father are driving to a meeting when her father collapses at the wheel leave Jackie all alone. While Jackie's father is slowly dying at the wheel, Jackie tries to flag down help when she is kidnapped by two men in a strange car. Jackie is taken to their home and meets a nice woman named Claudia. She thinks the kidnapping is wrong ( Jackie thinks she does). Even though Jackie can't understand Italian, she'd do anything to get back to the U.S., back to her father, back to her home.

I thought that this book was the kind of book where sometime you're on the edge of your seat and sometimes you are just fine. You never know what's going to happen next. I think Donna Jo Napoli is a very creative story writer. I could almost feel like I was Jackie trapped in her bad situation. I really liked Claudia because she was very nice to Jackie even though Jackie was the girl who was kidnapped. I felt bad for Jackie because her father was dying and I was very angry when no one would stop for her except for the kidnappers. I would tell you my favorite part but it would ruin the story so I won't.

I highly, highly recommend this book to anyone who likes sitting on the edge of there seats and feeling that they are there in the book. This book really and truly was a page turner!!