1 Hello, Red Fox

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Hello, Red Fox

Written by Eric Carle

Reviewed by Chris K. (age 8) & Jenica R. (age 10)

Hello, Red Fox

A little frog wanted to invite some friends to his birthday party. When the party members arrived, the Mama frog didn't understand why Little Frog kept calling the fox red because he was green. Little Frog kept on calling his friends different colors from what Mama Frog saw. Every time Mama Frog counts to ten, she starts to agree with Little Frog on the colors because Little Frog was right.

I (Chris) think the book is very interesting because if you look at a picture and count to ten and then look at the blank page and count to three you will see the animal in different colors. I (Jenica) think the book was good because it's like magic. The pictures can change into different colors. I (Chris)didn't like the illustrations because they looked like puzzles. They also looked like toys. It looked like the animals were staring at you. I (Jenica) think the pictures are okay because the animals were very unusual. I (Chris) think the moral of the story is that you shouldn't judge your friends by their skin color.

We recommend this book to people who like things that change because the pictures change colors. We recommend this book to kindergartners because it is a very easy book to read. We don't recommend this book to older students because they will think it's too babyish.

Chris K. and Jenica R.
are students in
Class C121