1 The Stories Huey Tells

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The Stories Huey Tells

Written by Ann Cameron

Reviewed by Matthew H. (age 8) & Robert Z. (age 8)

The Stories Huey Tells

There is a collection of stories in this book. Most of the stories are about Huey's adventures. Huey learns many lessons from his adventures. He learned he is not the only one who has trouble sleeping. He learned that some foods taste better than they look. He learned that cooking is fun. This book is about Huey and he has a brother named Julian. Julian is mean to Huey. Watch out for the revenge by Huey! Huey is honest, fair, brave, expresses his feelings, smart, tricky, sometimes sneaky, strong, silent, and a scout. Now he is being tricky because of the revenge he planned on doing to Julian. Huey's Mom and Dad are mostly busy so Huey sneaks out without telling them. Most of the stories have problems.

Huey's stories remind us of when our brothers are mean to us and we are mean back. We learned from this book to solve problems with our words. We liked the part when Huey invented banana spaghetti and he made it for his mom for Mother's Day. When we read the book in some parts we felt like we were in the book.

We recommend this book to all people that like all different sorts of adventures.

Matthew H. and Robert Z.
are students in
Class C101