1 Fireflies

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Written by Julie Brinckloe

Illustrated by Julie Brinckloe

Reviewed by Sophia F. (age 8) & Marielle M. (age 7)


Do you and your friends like to catch fireflies? A boy wanted to go outside on a summer night to catch fireflies. He got a jar and put holes in the lid. The boy and friends caught hundreds of fireflies. Later he brought the fireflies in his room. He watched the light get dim. He had to figure out something to do with the fireflies. Read this book to find out what he does.

We like the book because we like to catch fireflies.When we cup our hands the fireflies go in and we catch them. Sophia felt good reading the book because of the beautiful language. For example some beautiful language was "my ears rang with crickets and my eyes stung form staring too long." Marielle felt great reading the book because there are good illustrations. The illustrations were all black, white, blue, and yellow.

We recommend this book to kids who like to catch fireflies. We like to catch fireflies. This is a Reading Rainbow book. If you ever wanted something, but then you had to let it go this book is for you.

Sophia F. and Marielle M.
are students in
Class C100