1 Imogene's Antlers

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Imogene's Antlers

Written by David Small

Illustrated by David Small

Reviewed by Jung Eun P. (age 9) & Stephen H. (age 10)

Imogene's Antlers

One morning a girl named Imogene wakes up and sees she has giant antlers. Imogene has trouble getting dressed and going out the door. She slides down the banister and gets caught on the chandelier. Mom sees Imogene and faints. Imogene's doctor and principal come to see if they can help, but they can't. Imogene's antlers help her dry the towels and feed the birds. Imogene's family finally get her a hat to cover her antlers, but it does not work. Mom faints again. Read this book to find out what happens next to Imogene and her family. You will be surprised!

We think the book Imogene's Antlers is a funny book. It is funny when the hat maker makes the hat and his helpers say, "Bravo! Bravissimo!" It is funny when Imogene slides down the banister and gets stuck on the chandelier. The pictures are funny because they show the family's faces staring at Imogene. The end is funny too, but you'll have to read the book to find it out.

We think you will like this book if you like surprises in stories. If you like funny books, you will love this book. If you ever wish for antlers like an elk, you will love this book. We think children of all ages will like to read or hear this funny story.

Jung Eun P. and Stephen H.
are students in
Class B105